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The old copper knob called to me a look left then right and I squeezed hard to breathe
but I'm a Creepy House detective my only choice is to seize every mystical moment
the door creaked As as my eyes adjusted to the dark scene
I'm able to to behold another long forgotten beauty far from city screams
and wrapped up in the stillness of abandoned dreams
this is a Zen explorer's peace
the photo snapped snapped each potential master piece
nothing what it seems
and these lost belongings our an amazing company
my camera the machine and my nerve unending
this life is a splendid adventure of pretend these buildings my friends
you are the lens and it never ends from all now to infinite
creepy mystery after creepy mystery
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We capture the shadows of what once was and will never be again. All locations are photographed exactly as they were discovered. Using only available light we bring into view what the human eye cannot see. These dwellings were once home to unknown individuals who celebrated life within these walls. We feel it is our honor to document these locations of abandonment and decay before they are lost forever. Most of the locations are 100+ years old or are no longer in existence.

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